According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) the number one cause of house fires in the world is due to faulty electrical wiring.

Nowadays we get many phone calls from people who have just bought or are looking to remodel a home that has no ground wire, circuits that run from your garage, to the bathroom, to your pool lights, also known as “spider web wiring”, inspection reports with all types of open junction boxes in attics or under houses, spliced wires in the walls, taped up wires. At DC Electric we want you and your loved ones safe! While attending Electrical certification school, we learned that our number one priority and job as an Electrician is making our clients homes as safe as possible.

Faulty electrical is not a joke, and needs to be taken seriously, if you have breakers that keep tripping, open splices in the attics, or visible, or hear crackling noises in the walls or smell a weird burning odor, call DC Electric right away, our service team is on 24/7 emergency calls . Also DC Electric will provide you with a free and adding a circuit, to a full house re wire, call DC Electric today for any questions!

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