From simple plug changes to ground up home wiring; we pride ourselves in our residential services, DC Electric is well known for its lighting expertise and ways to save money! Our electricians are highly trained in fishing wire through and down the walls, making perfect box cuts, minimizing any cut and patch work as much as possible and in the end having a finish looked project and saving you time and money! Our expert Electricians can help you plan out and get started on your new remodeling project. Choosing DC electric early on in the remodeling project can save you money in the long run to insure things do not have to be moved around to make the electrical system work and function properly.

From evaluating your current home wiring situation, to making electrical design recommendations, to suggesting appropriate electrical products such as plugs, switches, outlets, standard or custom light fixtures, appliances, and other items, the professionals at DC Electric will help you make your home addition or remodel a success from start to finish.

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